Yippee! Click the picture above to see how the SureShop works. 


Stop crying over spilled milk!

Keep your precious cargo safe with our new patent-pending reusable shopping bag.

Just how does it work? When you clip SURESHOP onto the front frame of your stroller, it redistributes the weight back towards the stroller's center of gravity to keep your stroller standing. And if you are tired of bag drag, slip the handle into the pocket in the strap to prevent it from sliding down to the ground. Once you're done, scrunch it back into the self-storing pouch and toss it into your your purse or stroller. 

Holds up to 10 pounds on each side - that's plenty of juice, eggs and milk. Fill it up and you are good to go! 

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Not just for umbrella strollers

There are also clips at the top of the bag so you can attach it to strollers with one handlebar or hang it from your shopping cart, back of your chair, bike handles, etc. So even if you are not with the kiddies, you are sure to make good use of it.


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